What does the cost cover?

GHV is an entirely independent organization which does not receive any funding from governments, religious bodies, political parties, development organizations, or other sources. All our work is 100% funded through your contributions as a volunteer.

It is this financial independence that gives us the freedom to set up projects wherever we think it may be useful and in all communities where we think that our volunteers can make a valuable contribution.

Your project price, therefore, not only covers the costs that are directly linked to your presence on the ground, but also a share of all the other costs that setting up our high quality volunteering projects requires.

The precise use of your particular payment you personally made to GHV cannot be accounted for specifically, but we really want to be as open as possible. Therefore we have set out here the average percentages of our expenditure and some clear explanations!

A pie chart representing the division of the costs to volunteer with GHV